Australian Algae Farm

With a plentiful supply of water and an exceptional number of sunny days in our location, you could not ask for a better environment for growing algae. Our algae is  cultivated in shallow, covered, outdoor ponds to take advantage of the abundant sunlight and promote fast algae growth. The water used at our algae farm is naturally rich in salt and C02, which makes it an ideal medium for growing high quality algae.


Project Location and Export Potential


Situated just 4 hours inland from Brisbane, is "Selah", a 1000-acre privately owned property. The property, at present, has 200 acres of cleared area, which has been set aside for the algae farm. The algae farm is within minutes of the Warrego Highway (a major east/west rout) and just 2.5 hours from Toowoomba’s international airport. Toowoomba International Airport (Wellcamp) enables access to all major export destinations throughout Asia for our algae product.


Pond Construction and Photo-Bioreactor

The ideal conditions for growing algae are in wide shallow ponds. This is to maximise the sunlight over the area and to keep the water at optimal temperature to promote accelerated algae growth. The ponds are a concrete base and wall, which is coated with a white epoxy resin. The ponds are then enclosed in a greenhouse with UV resistant film to enable the maximum growth, quality control and superior end product. A pure strain of inoculum is maintained in our onsite Photo Bio-reactor (PBR) which ensures a consistent batch quality.


Water Usage

Other than sunlight, water is the most important medium for growing algae and as such something we take very seriously. Our water comes from three sources. Our fresh water is sourced from a deep aquifer and rainwater harvesting and our salty, mineral rich, water comes from a second more shallow aquifer. It is a combination of these three sources, combined with food-grade salts and nutrients that create a pristine environment for our algae to flourish.

Our Focus and End Product

There is no doubt that algae are a versatile product, which lends itself to many different applications. From cosmetics, nutraceuticals and aquaculture through to functional food and beverage the scope is wide. Our initial focus will be to provide a high quality paste that can be utilised in any of these applications.




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