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Australian Algae Farm

With a plentiful supply of water and an exceptional number of sunny days in our location, you could not ask for a better environment for growing algae. Our algae is  cultivated in shallow, covered, outdoor ponds to take advantage of the abundant sunlight and promote fast algae growth. The water used at our algae farm…
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Algae for Nutraceuticals

Finding The Right Balance In today's fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy work/life balance as well as good nutrition is becoming more & more difficult. An increasing number of people are turning to nature's super foods, like algae, to meet this need.  Algae have proven to be a significant source of a diverse number of critical nutrients.…
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Algae for Functional Food and Beverage

Algae for Functional Food and Beverage   Global demand for macroalgal and microalgal foods and beverages are growing at a rapid pace annually, and algae are increasingly being consumed for functional benefits beyond the traditional application of capsule and tablet. There is a growing interest in algae derivatives as additives in food and beverage to…
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Australian Phytoplankton

Australian Phytoplankton Derived from the Greek words phyto (plant) and plankton (made to wander or drift), phytoplanktons are microscopic organisms or microalgae found in most oceanic and fresh water bodies on the planet. Algae are the great remediator, sequestering large amounts of atmospheric CO2. Floating in large blooms close to the oceans surface layer, many…
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